Prince Street Gallery

Why does Chelsea excite me? Why does the gallery scene in this upscale but ever so yuppy, artsy yet classic neighborhood enthrall me? It comes back to my nostalgic personality. In 2005  I graduated from SVA, School of Visual Arts- The city's top ranked art school located in many campuses in Chelsea and Gramercy Park. It was during those years that I found my niche, perfected my craft and skill, and most importantly, learnt about the current art scene in NYC. Each week, one or more of our professors (or as we called them - instructors) assigned us to visit various galleries ranging from 21st street to 27th street mostly near 10th and 11th avenues. Later, in my last year, during a summer residency program, I visited these galleries alongside (and with great explanations from) Tobi Kahn, a wonderful painter and instructor who I'll always be grateful to. So perhaps it's an homage to my college years, but something tells me that Chelsea will always have a special place in my heart. Over the last twenty years I have visited the "Chelsea Galleries" on many occasions and the streets and surrounding architecture have become the subject of so many of my works. It's quite ironic that the painting accepted into this show is titled "Chelsea Hustle." It depicts the Flatiron district which has a special place in my heart as well.... While I have exhibited my work in Tribeca, Brooklyn, Long Island and the Upper East Side, it's Chelsea that causes strong feelings of enthusiasm for me! Thanks Prince Street Gallery for this moment!


August 03, 2022 — Rachel Haas