Zohara Art Gallery
This past summer I had the pleasure of meeting a "curating couple"  who are also the owners of Zohara Gallery in Lakewood NJ. The white walled gallery is sleek and chic; giving off a cool Soho vibe. But the art that hangs on the walls is ninety eight percent Judaic with a few decorative wall art paintings mixed in. The artists who exhibit at the space are all members of the current Jewish Art scene.
I felt honored to be offered the opportunity to hang several of my Judaic works, namely my Kristallnacht paintings along with some of my iconic Jerusalem archways as well. If you ever find yourself in South Jersey along the luxurious Avenue Shops, stop into Zohara! It's an art oasis that will welcome you with open arms and alluring choices in fine art.
March 31, 2020 — Peshi Haas
Tags: Exhibitions