Commissioned Artwork

Let us create a bespoke artwork for your hotel or resort.

Artotelier captures the essence of luxury hotels through artistic recordings that combine modernist techniques with on-location inspiration. Our paintings bring hotel spaces to life, providing a memorable and unique experience for both guests and art enthusiasts alike. 

01. Discuss Your Vision

Each hotel art project has a unique context, hotel interior design scheme and brand principles. We work with your team to establish a deep understanding of the vision for the hotel art, and how best to communicate this through your commissioned artwork.

02. Discover + Design

With your team, we'll review every space in the hotel to establish ideal sizes for your commissioned or curated artwork—including art for hotel lobby, art for hotel spa and hotel guest rooms—so that it creates maximum impact where it hangs.

03. Creation + Delivery

Peshi Haas Fine Art offers full support in organizing the logistics for delivering your commissioned pieces  to your hotel. This includes: packing, shipping, documentation for hotel art, delivery and if needed, working with fine art installation specialists on site.

for Hotels & Resorts

Whichever stage your hotel project is at, Peshi Haas Fine Arts looks forward to learning how we can tailor our services to you.

"Invite the beauty of the beaches or the charm of the historic city into your hotel, with paintings created by travel-artist Peshi Haas. 
Each one is a unique masterpiece that will make your property stand out."
  - Artotelier private client