Why Bedroom Art and Pretty Destinations are a Dreamy Combo

Why Bedroom Art and Pretty Destinations are a Dreamy Combo

There are days that I dream of sleep and there are nights that I dream of travel. But when I can combine the both and fall sleep while staring at a travel-art painting of a remote French, medieval  village, or a seaport in California, the notion of ethereal thoughts take over and thus take me away. 

Art in the bedroom is an element in design that needs care and personal taste. 

There are nights that I find my happy place and dream about it and drift off to sleep—imagining myself at that destination. 

Most times it’s on a beach with the sound of waves in the distance. Some evenings it’s the vision of myself with a loved one walking an ancient city donned with colors of yellow ochre and green pastels. I’ll always believe that soothing travel-art in a bedroom can only assist in the dreams of exporting ourselves to beautiful destinations. Slumber can be that much more peaceful when staring at beautiful art minutes before nodding off. 

Decor in the bedroom is one’s own distinctive taste. The art we choose is just as individualized. 

Where and how to hang it is personal as well! 

Over a headboard is decorative and will likely add color and character to the design of the bedroom. 

Additionally, rather than a television across the bed, replace it with a piece of art such as a calming seaside watercolor or a scene depicting an intriguing city scape of inviting archways and ancient tunnels! 


I recently sold a painting depicting a hot pink lifeguard chair in a scene of Miami Beach to a client for her teenage daughter’s room. A couple of months later while I was at an shop in Soho, I found two posters of California that I thought would complement the “Miami Lifeguard Chair” painting. I gifted it to my client and she framed the works and hung them all clustered together. Knowing that in the years to come they can always add travel art in all kinds of mediums to the grouping is a fun thought! 

The concept of getting lost in slumber only to wake up to a beautiful and tangible painting of that dream - is an art it itself and I look forward to it nightly. 

Sweet dreams and safe travels to one and all!